Sun Valley Trails App Reviews

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You're better off with a map drawn on a napkin.

Low-res scan of some trails, most of them inaccurate. Search only lists a fraction of all trails shown. Save your money.

Pretty ordinary

It seems like this is made by a kid or something. Only very basic info with low quality images. No information on whether trail is good for hiking/biking/horses etc. this app is okay if you want very generic info and to get a vague idea about where to go but does not replace a good guide book by any means.

Great app for a great vacation spot!

We love to visit Sun Valley and this app was really fun to have on our most recent trip. Cell phone coverage is limited if you get very far out of town so it was really nice to to be able to use the map with the blue dot to find our way around the trails. Trail Descriptions would be nice to have but at a fraction of the cost of a guidebook or map this app is a steal. If you are visiting Sun Valley, it is worth grabing this app before your trip.

Very Useful

I really like knowing right where I am out on the trails using just my phone. It has definitely inspired me to explore some new areas. A slightly more detailed map would be great but this does contain all the neccesary info to explore all the trails in the Sun Valley area. A handy tool for locals and vistors. The new version shows where trails may be closed due to recent fire activty which is super useful.

Pathetic waste of $1.99

Low-resolution maps. No trail descriptions, only driving directions to the trailhead. Map shows some trails that aren't named or described - for example, trails all over Dollar Mtn. Panning and zooming frequently stops working, requiring the app to be restarted.

SV Hiker

I think the app needs a lot of work. I don't find it particularly useful. Pretty much useless.


This app rocks and is without a doubt worth 99 cents. Sweet to be able to see real time where you are in relation to trails, and great to be able to stay up to date with new trails instead of having to buy a new map.

Helps when lost!

Recently my friend and I were running out prairie/miner creek. The trail was covered in snow and we got lost. I used the SV trail app and found where I was and where the trail was. It was extremely helpful in this situation. Thank god and thank you SV trail app!!

Sv trails

This app has been extremely helpful for me when out on long rides and runs. Having all the map info available with no cell coverage is very handy. It well worth a lot more than 0.99.

Not so good

When you click on a trail to ride or hike it doesn't zoom in on the trail. You have to move the map around. + you can barely zoom in on each trail. That's if you can find it. The detections are vague and doesn't like to iPhone maps. Overall I said one star because its almost useless.


Super lame! Very limited in trails listed. Many more on map, but no info. Besides number of trails, big complaint is that trails have no descriptions. Would be nice to have a narrative about each trail. The app is a waste of money. Do Not Buy!

Super helpful!

I thought this was a great app. It helped me immensely while I was out on the trails, would have for sure gotten lost out there without it. In addition it's only .99 cents, maps at any local store are 12.00 dollars. Great value and well worth it!!!

Best trail app available

This is the best trail app for the Sun Valley area. It is must have for locals and visitors. I found it extremely useful on my recent visit and would highly recommend it to anyone. The app allowed me to find and navigate trails better than any other resource I have found.


The concept is great but relative value is not there. 99cents is a little to much for this app. 2 real problems 1 tech, 1 style. Tech: app has problems when you leave broadband and go to gps only. You need to back out to menu then back to trail to get your location. That's a pain if you just want take a quick peek. Style: C'mon! Ask a local for a ride and they'll tell you a name not in your directory. So you have to find it on a paper map and the figure out the trail are cross reference to your directory. PLEASE PUT ALL THE NAMES POSSIBLE AND ADD A SEARCH FUNCTION. thanks

Don't go without it

I found this app extremely useful do to the gps function which pin points your location on the trail map...something a trail map or book cannot provide. Otherwise, the overviews give a nice profile, including elevation, of each trail so you can find the perfect trail for our skills or timeframe.

Worst app ever

This is literally one of the worst iPhone apps I've ever purchased. I live in Sun Valley and there are many more great trails that are not listed here. Many of the features in the app don't even work. For example, the elevation profile is empty on every trail I've looked at. Also, when you click to see a map of the trail it shows you where you are not the trail that you're going to. Worst app ever

Great Reference

Sun Valley as an amazing assortment of wonderful MTB trails. This app does a great job of showing you where they are and how to get to the trail head. It is a great boost to helping people, especially visitors to our fair valley, find good routes. The profile will also help people understand how challenging a route is. Great Reference! Thanks for making this available at such a very reasonable price.

Sun Valley Trails

Excellent trail maps. Extremely useful. I highly recommend it. Hopefully it will soon include other nearby locations

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